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Document Formatting

Are some of your documents no longer looking their best?

You need MiDocsTM - Document formatting packages tailored to suit YOU

If you have a number of documents, presentations or templates that are tired and boring or perhaps aren’t looking as professional as they could be,then you need our MiDocsTM document formatting packages to give your written communications that professional touch and “wow!” factor that expresses the exact image you want to portray. Our expertise combined with our focus on customer service and quality guarantees you a great result.

If you need:

  • To add that touch of finesse and the “wow!” factor to poorly designed, boring and unprofessional documents, reports and presentations 
  • To have a consistent look and feel amongst your written communications 
  • A revamp of documents that are outdated 
  • To impress a new client or the Board with a professional-looking document or presentation 
  • PDF documents converted to Word or Excel 
  • To save time and money 
  • Someone with expertise or skills that are lacking in your current staff

Our MiDocsTM document formatting packages will give you exactly what you want, and will save you time and money and ease the burden of having to design and format your documents yourself. Choose from one of our three packages that give you the benefits of:

  • Our one-stop-shop for all your document formatting needs is the most cost-effective way for you to achieve a professional image with your business documents, templates and presentations
  • Provision of documents in various formats. We will supply you with fully formatted documents in the appropriate package (e.g. Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel or Publisher) and PDF format, enabling you to edit and manage them yourself if you wish, as well as having an master copy in PDF to use as a guide or for emailing to external parties.
  • Two drafts if required. We know that it’s often hard to get your documents looking perfect the first time, so our packages include 2 drafts if we don’t quite hit the mark with our first draft. You know that we’re working hard to give you exactly what you’re looking for and that your satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • Advanced Formatting Features in all packages. Where appropriate, all our packages include advanced formatting features such as tables of contents, headers and footers, page numbers and the inclusion of photos/images to give your written communications a first class layout.
  • Generous Page Allowances. All our packages include generous page allowances, so there’s sure to be one to suit your needs.
  • A fixed price solution. Our packages give you the comfort and security of knowing exactly how much it’s going to cost up-front, eliminating the chances of exceeding your budget.

MiDocs - Available Packages

MiDocsTM Mini

From $100-150

Enquire about this package here

The MiDocsTM Mini package is ideal for Microsoft Word or Excel templates, letters, short Reports/Agreements/Proposals and conversion of short documents from PDF into Word. This package includes all our standard features:

  • Up to 20 pages in total
  • Use of graphics/images including sourcing of photos from a stock photography website if required (small additional cost for purchasing these images)
  • Automatic table of contents added to the document (if required)
  • Headers and footers for multi-page documents
  • Provision of electronic copy of documents via email
  • Provision of documents in both Word (or Excel) and PDF formats
  • Up to 2 drafts (if required)

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MiDocsTM Middling

From $200

Enquire about this package here

The MiDocsTM Middling package is ideal for Microsoft Power Point presentations/templates, brochures, newsletters or larger Word/PDF documents. It includes all the features of the Mini package listed above, and includes a very generous page allowance of up to 100 pages.

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MiDocsTM Mighty

From $300

Enquire about this package here

The MiDocsTM Mighty package is aimed at monster Word/PDF documents over 100 pages such as workbooks, training manuals, PhD theses, etc. It also includes all the features of the Mini package, plus the following:

  • Suitable for documents 100+ pages
  • Electronic file sharing (if required for large MB files)
  • Priority scheduling over non-package clients
  • Provision of files on a CD/DVD if required

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If you're not sure which package is right for you, please contact us and we'll talk about tailoring something specifically for you. Alternatively, if you'd rather have the work done on an hourly basis, we're happy to do that, too. Just ask!

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